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Static Websites

The first step in our static web design service is to comprehend and assess the client's company needs. Later, our talented web designer creates the best design layout that translates your business logic into the required website.

Why choose a Static Website?

Static web design consists of a website with web pages linked to one another by a logo made of text or graphics, simple design graphics, and content. Furthermore, our Professional web designers create a user-friendly, navigable, cross-browser-compatible website design with readily downloadable graphics.



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With Thynkk you get:

  • Relevant keywords get your website to the top ranking in major search engines
  • Use informative Images & Technical Data
  • Fully responsive and modular static website
  • ROI Oriented
  • Provide a budget-friendly web design solution that will work for you

Benefits of having a static website:

  • sinexpensive to develop
  • Cheap to Host
  • Ideal for Small Businesses
  • works well even on slow connections
  • Easy to use to the index for Google and Bing
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Unlimited Support - Contact us if you need a static web design for your website. Our digital marketing specialists will respond as soon as possible. You can reach us via Skype or phone at any time.

Scalable - Due to its complex coding system, dealing with massive traffic on a dynamic website is difficult. A static HTML-coded website can be scaled up by simply increasing the transfer speed.

Cost - effective to Host - The basic HTML files for static websites take up less space. As a result, the hosting of static websites is less expensive than it is for dynamic websites.

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Speed - No database significantly speeds up or simplifies navigation on a static page. Getting a static website helps websites load more quickly since static sites load far more quickly than dynamic sites.

Complete Security - No database makes a static website significantly faster or easier to use. Get a static website from Thynnk that helps your websites load faster since static sites load much more quickly than dynamic sites.

Solid Quality - Sometimes, a database problem can cause the notice "Cannot Establish Connection." to display. Thynkk build-up static websites are easy to access if the HTML codes are simple.

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Why Choose

Why choose Thynkk for a static website?

A static site's key benefit is that it can often be constructed quickly. A static site may be created much more quickly by a skilled web engineer than a powerful site. Top Static Web Design Services may preserve extra chances for a new company to be promptly accessible online.

A static website costs less to improve than a sophisticated website. It is not necessary to use a framework, such as WordPress or Joomla when planning a static website. A static site could be a great option for establishing your online presence with little advertising investment if you run a small business.

A static website is easy for one person to manage. However, the web compositions don't require any maintenance management. These websites load quickly because they have a simple design, few intuitive elements, and little markup material.

You may have your code created to create the precise usefulness that you require. The boundaries of a pre-modified module are not necessary for operation. A customer can alter images to fit any estimate or shape depending on the desired design. If you want to add some text style to your website, the client can surely achieve that.
All of the design languages are familiar to our talented web design team. Based on the needs of the customer, we can understand the design idea and create the pages appropriately. Contact us to speak with a member of our team about whether the static design is appropriate for your business website. We are happy to be of service to you.

Get Proficient Static Design Services at Thynkk

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Challenge: Nedivaa.in aimed to enhance online visibility and drive revenue growth in the competitive children's fashion market.

Solution: Thynkk, known for SEO expertise, Nedivaa.in implemented a tailored strategy focusing on non-branded keywords related to kids' fashion.


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