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Why an effective website is important for your business?

Websites are a crucial tool for companies to develop credibility and trust with their clients and customers.

  • Brand Awareness
  • Generate Leads and Increase Sales
  • Attract Traffic
  • Improve Customer Experience
  • Build a strong bond with your customers
  • Adds value to the business
  • re-engaging existing customers
  • Access new markets

Make your website more striking, engaging, and interesting to potential customers with Thynkk. For small startups to major businesses, we design top-notch websites to best satisfy your needs.

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Static Websites

The first step in our static web design service is to comprehend and assess the client's company needs. Later, our talented web designer creates the best design layout that translates your business logic into the required website.

Why choose a Static Website?

Static web design consists of a website with web pages linked to one another by a logo made of text or graphics, simple design graphics, and content. Furthermore, our Professional web designers create a user-friendly, navigable, cross-browser-compatible website design with readily downloadable graphics.

With Thynkk you get:

  • Relevant keywords get your website to the top ranking in major search engines
  • Use informative Images & Technical Data
  • Fully responsive and modular static website
  • ROI Oriented
  • Provide a budget-friendly web design solution that will work for you

Dynamic Websites

With dynamic websites, improve your company's workflow. Dynamic Web Design can create stunning websites helping your company generate traffic and leads. Having a team that collaborates with our clients makes communication a breeze, and achieving goals is no longer a dream, but a reality.

Explore our dynamic website design services. We offer:

  • Visually captivating, user-friendly design
  • Gives a professional look to the website
  • Helps to win a good ranking
  • Smooth Editing and Upgrades
  • Swiftly integrating with social media platforms
  • Security of the data

Wow your clients with customized dynamic website design services from us.

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Landing Page Design

Looking for inspiration for a landing page? We have got your back. Thynkk showcases the web's best landing page designs, templates, components, and more. Real landing page examples are hand-picked by us to ensure the highest quality.

We have:

  • Ultimate conversion focus landing page
  • Bespoke Design
  • Responsive Design
  • Form Integrations
  • Custom Integrations
  • Data-Driven Approach
  • Reduce your overall Cost Per Lead

UX/UI Designs

We assist you in transforming a simple idea into a long-lasting impression. With our fresh, energetic, and engaging UI/UX designs, we create incredible digital experiences for your customers. Our talented developers and designers work with you to create rich user interfaces that visualise your requirements across multiple platforms at competitive prices.

  • Complete focus on user-friendliness and value addition
  • Responsive and adaptive designs
  • Eye-catchy modern and interactive designs
  • Completely customized designs with technological innovation
  • Uniform cross-platform compatibility
  • Creative and customer-oriented
  • Validation or Testing

Get quality-rich, robust, and visually appealing design services from the skilled pool of design experts at Thynkk.

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Website Redesign

Get your website revamped with our website redesign services. The appearance and functionality of your website have an impact on your business. We have a custom solution for small business website redesigns to large, enterprise-level projects.

We have a custom solution for every organization, from small business website redesigns to large, enterprise-level projects. Transform your current website look and feel with our website redesigning services.

We deliver:

  • Fast and trendy website design
  • Creative infographics
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Responsive designs to boost traffic
  • Reduce the visitor bounce rate
  • Excellent SEO migration strategy
  • Highly scalable team
  • Flexible budget and timeframe

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Challenge: aimed to enhance online visibility and drive revenue growth in the competitive children's fashion market.

Solution: Thynkk, known for SEO expertise, implemented a tailored strategy focusing on non-branded keywords related to kids' fashion.


+117% Month-over-Month Revenue Surge

+40% Increase in New Online Visitors

Service SEO Management

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